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>Be me
>Insanely poor
>Can't keep a job
>One of my friends says I can live with him
>I jump at the opportunity because poor af
>I start out sleeping on the couch
>Back starts getting sore from the uncomfortable position
>Friend only has one bed
>Ask him no homo if I can sleep in his bed
>"Sure, Anon. No homo."
>My back feels great sleeping in a real bed again
>Everything goes pretty well for a while
>One day I walk in on my friend fapping to gay porn
>He says no homo
>I laugh it off
>One day I find his dildo
>He tells me it is his mom's
>I laugh and play it off
>One day I catch him jizzing into our milk
>No homo he says
>That jizz milk tasted great /b/
>One day he starts grinding on me while we're in bed
>He whispers no homo into my ear
>I laugh and spoon him back no homo
>One day he says we should start a family no homo
>I agree no homo
>We go to China a pick out a kid from the child store
>Beautiful baby boy no homo
>Friend kisses me on the lips because he's so happy
>Just assume that he forgets to say no homo
>We hold hands the entire plane ride home no homo
>We get married so our son has a family but it's still no homo
>One night my husband and I are making love no homo
>The balls touch
>He doesn't say no homo
>That's when I realized I'm married to a faggot

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