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16th November 2010
My girlfriend Bianca and i went camping up north in Australia, she wanted to experience nature as to how i did, so neither of us brought any electronics, but we did bring the basics for survival, woodcutters axe, fuel for fire, old rags, to make torches and a hunting knife.

While we were setting up camp, a couple that were camping there as well only they were packing up fairly quickly, the woman came up to my girlfriend and said to her "there's a lot of strange noises coming from a cave not far from here, screeching sounds".

At the time i thought nothing of it,
after we had finished setting up the campsite, my girlfriend was feeling cold, so i went to gather branches and cut down an old dead tree.

When i came back to the camp i couldn't see Bianca, if she wasn't at camp she would be in the car, as i walked to the car i noticed she has the light on inside the car, as i got closer to the door i felt something ran into my legs and knocking me down.

When i heard my girlfriend scream, i got back up quickly to check on her, when i saw her she was pointing at the front of the car, and what i saw was a pale child-like creature, only those eyes pierced me, my girlfriend beeped the horn and it screeched before running away.

With Bianca scared, i held her close as we went back to camp where i re-lit the fire, we had bacon and eggs before going in the tent to sleep.

It might have been around 5 am when i woke up and my girlfriend was muttering something, so i leaned in closer to hear what she was saying.

"flesh flesh flesh flesh flesh" is all she said, i got her out and we drove to the closest hospital, when we arrived i explained what had happened but the doctor didn't believe me, the doctors gave her medication to relax and they were strong pills, i waited for her to come out.

When she came out to see me she said "they say it was an anxiety attack",
then she wanted to go back to the campsite, because she felt like this event was ruining our time together, so i drove back to the campsite, it was around 10 am when we go back, i let her sleep while i boiled a pot of coffee over the flame, i enjoyed it too.

Knowing i didn't dream any of this, i was more angry at the fact what this creature did to my girlfriend.

After four days she was back to her usual self, and we didn't speak of it.

Later on in that day she stayed in the tent while i went to hunt for food, and there were plenty of kangaroo's, while on my hunt i ran into three aboriginal men, they were hunting the same thing as i was so we went together, after we managed the kill we brought it back to the campsite that i was staying with the girlfriend, and they char grilled the roo.

While we were eating Bianca went up to one of the men and told him about what had happen days before, he then came up to me and said "bunyip is here" the other men heard him and grabbed their spears, they knew where this creature was hiding.

"I'm coming with you" i said to the men, one of them stayed behind and kept Bianca company, i grabbed my axe and covered the rags in fuel to make a primitive torch, which i got it prepared.

As we approached the cave we could hear a few screeches, my guess was three or more.

I walked at the front into the depths of the cave, one of the men saw the creature and said "that's not bunyip", i looked over and the creature lunged at me, it had me pinned but i was lucky enough to have one of the men spear it in the eye.

At this point i was in a ball of rage and went further where we came across two more, i threw down the torch and started swinging the axe at the creatures, after both of the creatures were killed i blacked out for a few minutes, one of the men called me "Kurdaitcha".

A day later my girlfriend and i went back home in brisbane where it was safer.

She hung herself a few days later and was called by her parents about what happened.

My name Is Glen and i decided to come out public with this
if you have any information that you want to share with me my email is

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