I fulfilled my dream

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I fulfilled my dream. I had sex with a woman in a clown costume and it was everything I wanted and more.

I met a woman after my post went viral she messaged me. We got to talking and hit it off and she's kind of got a clown thing too. As it turns out she was only a 3hr drive from me and after sharing pictures we decided to meet in a neutral location between us. I booked a hotel room and we met Sunday evening.

After I had been waiting in the room for about an hour I thought I might have been ghosted or catfished again. As my heart started to sink there was a knock at the door. I opened it and there she was. The beautiful, sexy clown woman of my dreams. Her outfit, her makeup and big red nose were perfect. So perfect it ached. She came in and she started making balloon animals as we made small talk and put them all over the bed. Then we made love. The hottest and most passionate sex I could have ever imagined and she had plenty of clown antics to surprise me including hitting me in the face with a small pie as a surprise when I came the first time and honking her nose.

After hours of lovemaking we sat there holding eachother and kissing while I occasionally honked her nose and tried to hold back my tears of pure bliss. I couldn't. I was so happy to have the connection I've been denying myself because "it's weird" and what I've desired for so long. Holding her in my arms as my legs still quivered from my orgasms I cried as she held me because I was so happy. She began to cry too and we are definitely going to be together now and are both so happy with eachother.

I feel like a hole in my soul has been healed and that my life is finally on it's way up.

Thank you for the love and support everyone. So many of you have been so kind. It means the world to me. Thank you again.

Edit: Thank you all again for all of the love and support. I woke up this morning and my inbox and notifications are a mess again with so many positive and encouraging comments. It feels so good and I appreciate you guys so much. It's hard to describe what it feels like having your ultimate sexual fantasy fulfilled, not just once but multiple times. It's honestly surreal and it gives me satisfaction like nothing else I've experienced.

I don't have words for what my life has become. I used to just be a loser who would snort ground up adderall and jerk off to clown porn but now I have a real clown girlfriend who is almost as into this wild shit as I am and I quit my drug habit for good this time and I'm joining a program to maintain my sobriety.

It's been an adventure and I thank all of you for being here with me.

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