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I wish clown girls were an actual race of people. Their entire skin is white. The clown nose is natural. Their nipples and pussy lips, aka Clussy, have alternate colors, sometimes the same as the lips. Their skin probably tastes funny Imagine the taste of their breast milk. Grabbing their breasts or ass causes a honk noise. Want to playfully grope Clown wifes butt in public, loud ass honk is heard... Czytaj dalej →

I fulfilled my dream

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I fulfilled my dream. I had sex with a woman in a clown costume and it was everything I wanted and more.

I met a woman after my post went viral she messaged me. We got to talking and hit it off and she's kind of got a clown thing too. As it turns out she was only a 3hr drive from me and after sharing pictures we decided to meet in a neutral location between us. I booked a hotel room and w...
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