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I fucking hate notches so goddamn much. Every time I see a retarded notch on an Android phone like a Huawei, LG, or Asus I seriously want to kill myself. First of all, a notch is the most basic, brainless "feature" ever made. Removing a piece of the screen to make way for random shit is not fucking clever. Also, the first company that implemented a notch was Essential, and I bet most iPhone fans don't even know what Essential is. So if you like the notch, do us all a favor and go blow up an Apple Store, cause you're a fucking terrorist. Secondly, the notch is a goddamn design compromise, it's not a "feature". "Oh, look at me my phone has a notch I'm so unique and quirky." Newsflash! You're using the same apps that you would on any other phone, you little shit. Not only that, you're losing space in your notification bar because your OEM is too fucking lazy to come up with a quality design. "Embrace the notch!" If you ever said this retarded "joke" then you should cut your dick off, you notch-loving cunt. Finally, my third point, a notch is not "the most logical design direction for bezelless smartphones". It's just copying Apple. A notch is the most normie basic shit in the entire world and trying to make it seem like a "feature" screams that you have absolutely no creativity or sense of design. "A notch is a unique, recognizable shape that distinguishes itself from all of the other boring rectangles out there." Shut the fuck up you Homecoming queen. No one cares that you like notches. Just cause all your normie sheep friends like your notch does not mean that it's cool. You only bought a phone with a notch in the first place because it's the trendy thing and you want to look hip and in-tune. Stop trying to change Android design culture; you know nothing about it, you whores. I bet you go out and party every fucking Friday night. You know what I do on Friday night? I sit alone in my room searching the internet for the latest bleeding edge custom ROMs, and so do the rest of my people. Why don't you go back to your iPhones. Just stay away from my Android. You notch-loving scum.

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