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Tfw it’s been a long few years, but finally you are on your last stretch of your service. Only 1 more week till you get to go home to servilia, your wonderful wife, and Marius and gaius, your two proud young sons who you have entrusted to look after the family and the farm while you are away fighting for Roma. Not long now, I can almost taste Servilias cooking, I can almost hear my boys laughter. I cannot wait to return home and see what I’ve been fighting for. We have been campaigning in Germania for a while now but once we get these German auxiliaries set up we can finally bring peace, prosperity and civilisation to this strange and foreign land. One of their auxiliary commanders has alerted us about a revolt against our noble allies. One more campaign before I see my family I guess. We start heading off to save our allies and as we leave I witness a Germanic leader confront our commander warning him of our auxiliaries disloyalty, it was confusing but these Germans are disloyal to each other and are always trying to see the others demise so it’s just another political accusation I guess. Nothing to do except move on, soon we are heading into a big, dark Forrest. I’ve never seen so many trees, so big, so dark, so unsettling, all around me. We never have Forrest’s like this big in Italy. The auxiliary leader said he will scout ahead and make sure we don’t get ambushed, lucky we have such a valuable ally who knows the area well. The path is getting narrower and muddier, we have to narrow our abreast eventually until we are single file.

I hear noises and branch crackings in the surrounding Forrest, probably just wild beasts, germania is full of them. All of a sudden the line stops, I hear “INSIDIIS!!!” Further up the line, arrows and javelins begin flying around me, fellow soldiers dropping dead next to me. Then it begins raining heavily. We can’t see where these missiles are coming from but they just keep coming, from every direction. Oh shit, I’m so scared. We try to organise a shield wall/testuedo formation but the terrain is too narrow, too messy to form one completely, every second legionaries and auxiliaries are dying around me, men screaming in pain, men screaming in violence, men screaming in anger, I hear swords bashing, I hear missiles wizzing, I can’t let fear take me over, I have to do my duty and get out of this Forrest, Jupiter look over me. Our commander asks half of our patrol to move ahead and set up a fortified encampment for the night whilst the other half keep the enemy engaged. I move ahead to help prepare the encampment, we did not see those who remained again, only heard their screams as they slowly drowned out one by one as the night came on. We spent the night awake, nobody could sleep, we all questioned what happened, how this could happen? Have we been betrayed? we all questioned what to do next, we ditched our supplies and left early next morning in an attempt get away from them. We have to re-enter the Forrest, it’s been 5 days since we entered the Forrest, I’m sure we can make it out if we’ve survived this long. Servilia, Marius And gaius, I’m coming.

Oh Jupiter, it’s raining heavily again, the Germans, they are coming from every direction, I’ve never seen so many, we are utterly surrounded, it’s almost like the rain makes germanics grow out of the Forrest soil. Our commander, Varus has been wounded, it seems all hope is lost, I will fight my hardest to carve my way out of this Forrest, There are men all around me, the smell is overwhelming, blood, piss, shit, vomit, the smell of Romans covered in olive oil and the smell of germanics covered in bear fat. This is the most intense fighting I’ve ever seen, we are being slaughtered like lambs. I’m fighting, I won’t stop, I hack one Germanic down and another takes his place. I keep going and going, we are making a slow but steady push, I think we may be able to make a break through, we are almost there. All of a sudden I feel a hard blow against my neck, I feel up my neck, an arrow has stuck itself in my neck, blood is gushing out, I begin to feel dizzy, I keep fighting, I’m trying so hard, I don’t want to die in this shitty land at the hands of this Germanic scum. I begin to feel dizzy, my movements slow, things become blurry, I need to keep fighting, eventually I collapse. I roll on my back as I look up into the skies as the watch the trees rustle and blow in the wind, as I see the blue sky. It gradually fades, so do the screams of my brothers. Finally, I don’t feel afraid anymore, I feel at peace, I’ve done everything I can, I think of servilia, Marius and gaius and all our memories and take one last breathe before I go to the fields of Elysian.

Tfw I just wanted to go home and see my family and some Germanic shits took that from me. FUCKING BARBARIANS

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