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At hotel in Vegas

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>At hotel in Vegas
>Run into 8/10 cutie at bar
>Raven black hair, just how I like it (really into it for some reason)
>We start talking
>She's really into me
>She asks me my name, then gives me her phone number on a piece of paper and asks me if I want to grab dinner
>Never had a hotty ask me out before
>We go out to a semi -fancy dinne...
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Tfw it’s been a long few years, but finally you are on your last stretch of your service. Only 1 more week till you get to go home to servilia, your wonderful wife, and Marius and gaius, your two proud young sons who you have entrusted to look after the family and the farm while you are away fighting for Roma. Not long now, I can almost taste Servilias cooking, I can almost hear my boys laughter. ... Czytaj dalej →
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