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Okay which one of you cunts was it
>be me legit 20 minutes ago
>go on omegle because pomhub is boring
>skipping for fucking ages
>maybe i'll get lucky
>black screen
>dude sitting behind and rubbing down his girl
>"rub her pussy"
>he does it through her pants
>its legit wtf
>deez nuts already out in action
>hes putting his hands all down her shirt rubbing her tits and all
>nut everywhere in like 2 minutes bc beta
>unleash a week of jizz
>"holy shit thats so hot"
>just as i'm fucking typing this in the chat
>just as i nut to these two
>the "girl" lifts her shorts to the side and pulls out his cock
>mfw its just another 2 gay guys trolling
does this mean I'm gay now?
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