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>name Hep
>Hep very small, very hungry
>no have tribe, all day hunt small meat in bush
>one day find big pig in big bush
>pig needs lots of bonks, but Hep keep trying
>bad pig go to sleep, Hep eat pig
>no more hungry, and still have meat
>Hep tired from doing bonks
>put meat in pack, Hep did good job today
>hug pack, Hep go to sleep
>but then hear noise
>open eyes, wild wuff sniff Hep
>Hep scared, but stay very still
>Wuff small, Wuff just bone
>no wuff tribe, wuff all alone
>Hep all alone too
>Open pack, take meat in hand
>Give to Wuff
>Wuff take meat, no take hand
>Wuff yawn, lay down
>Hep and wuff hunt together now
>Wuff find meat, Hep bonk meat
>play game like catch-bone, chase, play-fight
>Hep hug Wuff when sleep, no more cold
>Hep not alone, Wuff gud fren

What your gud fren story?
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