Trip with friends

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>Be me virgin, double date with my friend to go desert camping
>Girlfriend is also virgin
>My friend is a fatass and doesn't want to hike
>"Hey anon can you take my girlfriend hiking with you and your girlfriend to get her to stop bitching to me"
>I leave him to play pokemon go in the car while I go hiking with the girls
>Girls are new to hiking, I have to help and direct them the entire way
>We get back to camp, my friend made the fire before we got back but I was the only one who knew how to cook on a fire so I make dinner
>feed everyone
>friend and his girl go to bed
>as soon as we close the tent, my girlfriend practically jumps on me
>Shes making out with me really hard, taking off her clothes
>"Fuck me anon"
>Me: "really? You sure?"
>apparently ordering her friend around and making everyone food made me look really dominant in her eyes and now she wants me to take her virginity
>whip out dick, not sure what to do because virgin
>won't get hard
>she tries sucking on it
>won't get hard
>I'm nervous, performance anxiety af
>can't have sex, get blowjob instead

Still took her virginity (and lost mine) a month later at another campsite, but it still sucks to think I could have done it earlier.

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