I'm a guy and I wish I could be pregnant

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I think pregnancy is wonderful. I know it's not all lollipops and rainbows. I supported my wife every single day through her pregnancy and I helped her through the nausea, the body aches, and the terrible pain of giving birth. I know there are risks and complications and it's not something everyone wants to do. I wish I could do it, though.

My wife and I agreed we wanted a baby as soon as we had a house. Thankfully, she was able to become pregnant (I really feel for the women who can't have babies and wish they could) and we now have a toddler who is an absolute joy.

She loved being pregnant. Every day we talked about the baby growing in her womb that we couldn't wait to meet. I kissed her belly hundreds of times. And I fell in love with her all over again every time I looked at her. Her hand was pretty much glued to her belly, always rubbing it and humming a song. The bond that is formed between the mother and child is simply beautiful.

The hardest part about it is that I'll never be able to realize this wish and I never had a choice in the matter. Women can choose (in most cases) whether or not they want to become pregnant. And I don't know how the logistics of it all would work, anyway. Maybe if we lived in a world where both men and women were built with the capability to have babies, kind of like seahorses. I know it's not realistic, but if it were possible to give me a uterus transplant I'd consider it. I would go through considerable pain and effort if it meant I could get pregnant.

Every guy I've ever told has either looked at me like I'm insane or just straight-up laughed at me. Women I've told seem to understand, but nobody really takes it seriously except for my wife. She knows it's not a joke and that it's an actual dream of mine. Any guys out there agree with me?

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