After 4 Weeks of Unprotected Sex

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After 4 Weeks of Unprotected Sex
Girlfriend: Hey baby
Boyfriend: Hey Babe
Girlfriend: I wanna tell you Something.
Boyfriend: Umm ok shoot.
Girlfriend: Please promise me you won't get
Boyfriend: (Got a bit nervous) are you telling or
Girlfriend: (Started to cry) I... I... I... I... I
think... Babe i think i'm pregnant
Boyfriend: Whaaaaaaaaat?
Girlfriend: Yeah... I am pregnant i missed my
Boyfriend: You gotta be kidding right?
Girlfriend: No babe how can i joke about
something like this.
[Boyfriend hang up the phone... The girl cried
alot thinking she had lost him for good. She
even tried committing suicide... After 30
minutes she hears a knock on the door... When
she opens... BOOM it's her boyfriend, kneeling
down on the floor]
Boyfriend: 200 billions stars, 7 continents, 196
countries, 8 planets, 21 province, 2 capital cities
and i have had the privilege of meeting such a
sophistrated, intelligent, motivated, beautiful
woman like you... Let me correct you...
You're not pregnant, WE are pregnant...
We're both responsible for the baby... I will
support you and our baby. So the love of my
Will you marry me?
Girlfriend: It's not yours.

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