Swear words in Poland

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In Poland swear words can be either very simple or very creative. Most simple swear words can have many different meanings and there are certain instances where you can create your own swear words and other Polish people will most certainly understand what you mean. Some examples, all of which derive from the word "pierdolić" which means "to fuck" or "to talk gibberish":
"wpierdolić" means "to fuck someone up" and "to eat something"
"spierdolić" means "to fuck something up" and "to run away"
"rozpierdolić" means "to destroy something"
"odpierdolić" means "to do something crazy" and "to fuck off" and "to do amazing make-up"
"zapierdolić" means "to kill" and "to steal" and "to hit someone"
"dopierdolić" means "to cleverly insult someone" and "to win with someone who was already losing" (the last one is not entirely accurate since I couldn't come up with a good enough explanation)
"napierdolić" means "to get really drunk" and "to beat someone up"
"opierdolić" means "to scold someone" and "to drink something" and "to eat something"
"wypierdolić" means "to kick someone out" and "to fall down" and in certain uses, such as "wypierdolić kogoś z papci", it means "to be shocked" or "to K.O someone"
New ways to be vulgar in Polish arise with each and every day. For instance, there is a newly created idiom "jest szansa na wyruchanie szympansa" which literally translates to "there is a chance to fuck a chimpanzee", but really means "there is a chance so don't give up".

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