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At hotel in Vegas

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>At hotel in Vegas
>Run into 8/10 cutie at bar
>Raven black hair, just how I like it (really into it for some reason)
>We start talking
>She's really into me
>She asks me my name, then gives me her phone number on a piece of paper and asks me if I want to grab dinner
>Never had a hotty ask me out before
>We go out to a semi -fancy dinner (for me anyway)
>She starts rubbing against my junk with her foot under the table
>She really wants the D
>Seems really into me
>She says she's getting a bit turned on
>I reply
"Wait until after dinner, then I'll take you to your room and lay you to bed"
>Smooth as shit, she gets an excited look on her face and winks at me
>Haven't been laid in like 2 years mind you, but we're out to dinner and I ordered a prime rib
>Dinner comes, we start eating
>Prime rib is fucking delicious, as if specially prepared from the gods of valhalla themselves and sent to my table
>Came with 10/10 mashed potatoes and steamed vegetables
>Eat the entire thing
>She starts hinting at going up to her hotel room
>I get the hint alright
>Ask for tab
>Tab comes, she pulls out her purse
>Oh god, she was willing to pay
>Bumped her up to a 9/10
>I pull out my wallet
"It's cool, I think this will pay off in about 10 minutes"
>She absolutely insists on going dutch
>I eventually agree
>She's ready to fucking go now
>Rip open velcro wallet and pull out debit card
>She instantly look at me as if I'm some sort of man child
"Hey anon, can I see that piece of paper with my phone number on it real quick? I want to make sure I gave you the right number"
>Give her the piece of paper back, oh god what did I do?
"Yeah this is the wrong number... Here"
>Writes down a new phone number on a napkin that isn't even similar to the other number (though I couldn't remember the full thing anyway)
>Tells me it's been nice but she just remembered she had to go meet her friend
>Tried calling number next day, it was a fake number
>Picking up new wallet tomorrow
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