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Pasty nieposiadające statusu legendy jak i innych powiązanych past

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16th November 2010
My girlfriend Bianca and i went camping up north in Australia, she wanted to experience nature as to how i did, so neither of us brought any electronics, but we did bring the basics for survival, woodcutters axe, fuel for fire, old rags, to make torches and a hunting knife.

While we were setting up camp, a couple that were camping there as well only they were packin...
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I'm a guy and I wish I could be pregnant

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I think pregnancy is wonderful. I know it's not all lollipops and rainbows. I supported my wife every single day through her pregnancy and I helped her through the nausea, the body aches, and the terrible pain of giving birth. I know there are risks and complications and it's not something everyone wants to do. I wish I could do it, though.

My wife and I agreed we wanted a baby as soon as...
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mmm siostrzyczka

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>badz mna
>matka umiera przy porodzie
>wychowuj sie w rodzinie ojca bo ojcu odjebalo
>miej 18 lvl
>zauwaz ze siostra jest nawet niezla
>przypadkiem obejrzyj jej filmik ktory byl przeznaczony dla kogos innego
>obejrzyj go az dwa razy
>miej straszna ochote ja wyruchac
>niestety siostra ma problemy z prawem
>musisz j...
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>The Holocaust was real and the Muslims were in on it
>Jews don't run the world, Globalists just want you to think they do
>The real victims of Globalism are actually Jewish
>The real hero of 911 was Mossad
>Research the porn industry by watching lots of it
>Find the tranny switch
>Find Bigfoot
>Find the Lochness Monster on Google Maps
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>years on a stinky ship

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>years on a stinky ship
>on no fap because of the catholic church
>hard labour daily
>surrounded by hairy stinky men
>away from wife
>horrible food
>finally land
>get off your ship
>you and your compadres see this
can you really blame them in good conscience schlomo?
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We have a community of millions of players and you're telling me that when valve decides to release a hot fairy waifu we can't get some half decent hentai of her. You're telling me when valve releases this fucking GODDESS of a character people refuse to draw her spreading her tight woodland asshole. I've played Dark Willow almost every game since the patch has dropped and I can't even satisfy my i... Czytaj dalej →

Trip with friends

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>Be me virgin, double date with my friend to go desert camping
>Girlfriend is also virgin
>My friend is a fatass and doesn't want to hike
>"Hey anon can you take my girlfriend hiking with you and your girlfriend to get her to stop bitching to me"
>I leave him to play pokemon go in the car while I go hiking with the girls
>Girls are new to hiking, I have to hel...
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Trip with parents

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Anyone got any stories hot stories/sexy encounters from when you went out camping or hiking?

I'll start with something just to get the ball rolling

>Autistic 17 year old me goes on camping trip with parents
>Some friends of parents decide they wanna join too
>Decide on spot and location and basically meet there
>Other parents have smoking hot 19 yo daught...
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At hotel in Vegas

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>At hotel in Vegas
>Run into 8/10 cutie at bar
>Raven black hair, just how I like it (really into it for some reason)
>We start talking
>She's really into me
>She asks me my name, then gives me her phone number on a piece of paper and asks me if I want to grab dinner
>Never had a hotty ask me out before
>We go out to a semi -fancy dinne...
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First time gym

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>first time in gym
>my very first excercise is bench
>next to me are some zoomers and wiggers
>they snicker and say to themselves "This dude looks like he sits behind computer 24/7"
>About to cry
>make up some bullshit like im thristy and go to toilets so i can pack and leave
>Some dude stops me and say if he can use bench
>It's motherfucking Ch...
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I'd just like to interject for a moment. What you're referring to as Linux, is in fact, GNU/Linux, or as I've recently taken to calling it, GNU plus Linux. Linux is not an operating system unto itself, but rather another free component of a fully functioning GNU system made useful by the GNU corelibs, shell utilities and vital system components comprising a full OS as defined by POSIX.

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>name Hep
>Hep very small, very hungry
>no have tribe, all day hunt small meat in bush
>one day find big pig in big bush
>pig needs lots of bonks, but Hep keep trying
>bad pig go to sleep, Hep eat pig
>no more hungry, and still have meat
>Hep tired from doing bonks
>put meat in pack, Hep did good job today
>hug pack, Hep go to sleep...
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