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I suppose some of the younger generations would no longer know what an Iron Lung actually is. You can see a picture here of the type of iron lung I stayed in. In short, an iron lung is a machine that allows people to breath once they are no longer able to naturally. They are most commonly associated with the Polio epidemic of the 1950’s.

I vaguely remember getting sick when I was 11 years...
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>The Holocaust was real and the Muslims were in on it
>Jews don't run the world, Globalists just want you to think they do
>The real victims of Globalism are actually Jewish
>The real hero of 911 was Mossad
>Research the porn industry by watching lots of it
>Find the tranny switch
>Find Bigfoot
>Find the Lochness Monster on Google Maps
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>years on a stinky ship

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>years on a stinky ship
>on no fap because of the catholic church
>hard labour daily
>surrounded by hairy stinky men
>away from wife
>horrible food
>finally land
>get off your ship
>you and your compadres see this
can you really blame them in good conscience schlomo?
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